gchrome and betaal

by currentricity

I am downloading google chrome as I write this. The installation is web based. I wonder if that is a good way going forward. More on it after it is installed.

So on one of the mailing lists I was discussing why a web based OS is what I need and how chrome seems to be a step towards it. All I need from my OS is that it should compile my code, store my files, allow manipulation on them, media playback and allow me to browse. Each and every one of my requirement is being fullfilled by some or the other online SaaS. So why should I pay for Vista? All I need is a browser with enough muscles to delegate my computing needs to the cloud out there and get my results in a desirable format.

Ok. Enough Gyan. Let it install and then we shall see.

Like the poet said. “Mat puchh ki kya haal hai mera tere aage. Yeh dekh ki kya rang hai tera mere aage”

Translation : My feelings for you are trivial. But look at you. You are the one who is reflecting true colors.

Thats for IE Vs Chrome if you were wondering.