Windows-Killer is here

by currentricity

Google yesterday announced google chrome . Its a browser or so they say. Looks more like a mini OS to me. The comic rocks too.

When I was in college , I used to wonder what exactly is going on in googleplex. Where are all the brains which were being hired by google going? I used to come to a single conclusion : They are creating a windows-killer. The chrome is only the beginning. I suspect google has a lot of tricks left up their sleeves.

I believe its not very difficult to kill Windows. Mozilla started it. Google is carrying it forward. The world needs more PhD. dropouts.

The next question in my mind : Who is going to be U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc in the coming years. Who will make OS with AI? Who will bring about the next wave of industrial revolution? Who will be the next Masters of the Universe? Will it be a single entity or a community effort. Any way forward historically has been driven by individual inventors(bulbs, cars, airplanes). What will happen this time around?

While you ponder over these questions, I will go and ponder over what will my PhD. thesis be. As I said, world needs more PhD. dropouts.