@JAXINDIA 09 – EE 6 is coming

by currentricity


jaxindia 09

jaxindia 09

Attending a devblurb by Mike Keith

Java EE is coming.


How soon?

Expected release is May 09. But that is only expected :)


Should I be bothered?



Why not?

Because if not anything, Java EE 6 will only make your life easier.


But what if I don’t know what you are talking bout?

All the more good reason to be not bothered.


Ok. I know what you are talking bout. What should i be looking forward to?

Look forward to using EJBLite which is specified in EJB 3.1 . It has all the simplest and most useful constructs. Make mine lite.

EE6 also understands the fact that people want to use their favorite frameworks wherever possible other than the base framework. EE6 makes life easier for them.

JPA 2.0 . There is a Criteria API . There is also introduction Java based expression language <woohoo>. Which I think is something exciting.  The world moves forward. 


kg : mike, how will it look like , the java expression language?

mike : duh. it will look like java.

kg : nice. 

mike : yes. so you can use Criteria API to make a SQL look more like a java method call on an object.

kg<mindconversation> : something like table1.select(a , b , c).where(a=f) .  <aloud> neat. wud love that. thanks. 

The expression language in JPA 1.0 , JPQL looked more like SQL. select ta1 from table1 ta1,table2 ta2 where ta1.id=1;


We also have an interesting concept called profiles in EE 6. Profiles are like flavors. So for example, you might be heavy on web app development but not using EJB at all then the profile will try and focus the java EE platform towards your specific classes of applications. 

“A profile is a configuration of the JAVA EE platform targeted at a specific class of applications” — the java EE6 specification , early draft. 

Each profile must be defined by a JSR.  The first profile specs is ready and is called the web profile.

I see a very good business potential of this idea. Now companies can come up with customised and specialised profiles and make EE6 work harder for their clients. So in future we can see some company , say IBM coming up with Social Application profile which might be an even narrower subset of Web Profile. Making EE6 more focused on what is my requirement rather than what EE6 can offer.

Another thing which I deem as important is annotations in Servlets 3.0 . Lot of potential to make my life easier.


Ok. So that’s it? Is this why you are excited? Get a life.

Yeah yeah. you go get a life. Or better still get EE6.

Go here for a detailed overview and you also have something called google at your service. use it. its free.