Why doing One thing right is always a good option

by currentricity

I am an inspired person today. 

Why , you may ask.

Simply because I saw a “thing” which works well and does what it was designed to do. Without a hitch. Without giving me pains. Making it a pleasure to use. 

The “thing” is one of the many travel portals around but this “thing” stands out. It is cleartrip and is honest to its name.

Such clean and clear interface. Such intuitive UI. Clearly some very good thought process has gone behind this work. Which is nothing but expected. Why would anyone make anything which is counter intuitive? I hate counter intuitive.

This is what I am wondering then.

“Travel is such a lucrative market in India. Why are other players not pulling up their socks?”

So I decide to pull it up for them or atleast help them pull it up. Since I don’t have access to their codebase I decide to turn beanbag critic. I will be a moron and ask stupid questions and point out stupid things. Don’t listen to me <psst. If you do then you stand a good chance of increasing your market share. But why bother. Let it flow , no?>. Here we are focusing on two other major market players , makemytrip and yatra

So first thing first. Which of the site loaded first? And any wild guesses bout why did it load first?

I like it <you too and my dog too like it> when things come to me faster. Why the eff should I wait for some ads <which i will never even glance at. Why? Because I am too busy. Hence I am spending money to get to my destination faster. Nice , no?> to load to use your site? Are you guys here to get my business? Really? Please check again with your promoters and come back. Or are we some ad boards? BTW , cleartrip also has ads on the front page but they are very conveniently in the forms of link on one side. Which brings us to our next moronic question.

Ah. Here is one potential customer. Lets scare him away. Lets throw lots of meaningless ads at him so that he gets confused and is tricked into clicking on one of them. woohoo <pat on back>. Who was thinking this while designing their homepage? 

So guys. All of us have heard of the google homepage. Its great idea , no? Why not just imbibe a great idea? Its simple, no? Cleartrip did it. Others did not.  The first thing which I see on cleartrip homepage is what I want to see  i.e. the place where I key in my info. To be honest, yatra does a good job of placement of the info seeking bars but why is it so cluttered? With makemytrip  I get confused. It may be because of bad colors <told you I was a moron>. In lot of ways cleartrip’s homepage  reminds me of google’s homepage <haha. fiends. they copy ideas. bad people. lets stick to confusing people. That is original.>. Other two remind me of a place where people can find something for their use like travel guides, holiday packages <by themes too>, Mobile <?>, buses, cars, deals , corporates but I wanted airline reservation , no? Give me that , no? Please , no?   Which brings me to the reason why I wrote this post.

Do one thing and do it right.

<Right. I have heard it thousand times. Hell, I have even given advices like this at so many conferences and to MBA types. But No. I cannot follow it. How can I afford to? I need EVERYONE in the boat , no? The bigger my customer base the greater chances I have of duping them into clicking on one of the moronic ads and getting that deal and even though he has come to my site for airline reservation I can somehow convince him to buy a holiday package or better still,  make him travel by bus or even better , sell him a tourism guide. That would be cool , no? My marketing prof will be proud.>

So Yes. Do one thing and do it right. I hate it when Cleartrip wants to sell hotel to me. But I will credit it to them that its inconspicuous. Not so with other as I have already exemplified.  

Ok so this was about the homepage. Lets take this slow because it is very interesting , UI design. So more moronic observations in the next post. I have many. What did you expect? Moron I am , no? :)  Next post we will try and delve deeper on more UI elements.