gitting things right

by currentricity

So this friday night found me setting up a source control for myself (finally).

I had no doubts about the capabilities of linus written git so I went ahead with it.

First step : getting git

The git package in ubuntu universe is 1.5.4 which is quite old so head to the git site for the latest package.

Second step : Installing git

Though this step is straightforward, one might face errors as i did.

The simple installation is three steps

~/git$ ./configure

~/git$ make

~/git$ make install

This should install git. If you face errors then the most common problem is that you might not be meeting all the dependencies required to compile git. Best way to ensure that the dependencies are met is to build dependencies of the git core by doing the following

~/git$ sudo apt-get build-dep git-core

After this everything should be hunkydory. This ubuntu forum discussion might be more useful.

After this I wanted a repository on the net. I chose github.

Make an account and follow the subsequent steps and you will be good to go.

Except , I faced a little problem because of my own folly which deserves another quick little post.