of github origins and removal

by currentricity

As described in this previous post, I was on my way to glory setting up my own source control.

This post is about setting up github.

The account creation is straight forward though one is also required to give the ssh key (not necessary) . Ample details on the site on how to generate on if you dont have already.

So my folly was of a typo. Somehow I typed git@github instead of git@github.com while adding remote source repo. After that when I tried to push the code I got the following error

ssh: github: Name or service not known
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

After a couple of permutation combinations i zeroed down on the cause. Now the simple thing was to remove the origin. Which is easy

git remote rm origin

Thats it. Good to go. Now one can specify another remote origin and continue as happy users.